1. Halfway Heart

From the recording Runnin' It Red

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A powerful ballad about coming to terms with the ending of a relationship.


I'm gonna miss the crooked line
Of our story on the map
Co-pilot at your side
With my bare feet on the dash
But even I can see we're lost
Drifting like all the rivers we cross

As if your love is out there somewhere
As you stop and start
Pull over baby I am done
Riding shotgun
To your Halfway Heart

I'm gonna miss the windows down
And my left hand on your knee
Motels in sleepy towns
With your body against me
Night and day, light and dark
Skin on skin, miles apart

(Repeat Chorus)

But I won't miss you just leaning on the fence
Never taking the time to walk with me
In the countryside

(Repeat Chorus)