1. Speed Bump

From the recording Runnin' It Red

A song about breaking through doubt, overcoming fear and pursuing the call of your heart.


You're looking down
Counting the cracks in the sidewalk pavement
Kicking the ground
In that 'I don't give a damn' way
Well I've been there
Standing on the edge of believing something
Holding back from life that way


Like it was a river you would never cross
The battle you had already lost
It would chew you up
Spit you out
Turn your dreams into doubt
A mountain that-who knew?
Would someday turn into
A Speed Bump in the rear-view

Nobody else
Can tell you the way to fight your demons
You wrote the book
You have got to turn that page
All I know
Is the first step that you take is the hardest
After that you're on your way

(Repeat Chorus)

Feels too high when you're climbing
You might be lost
You just keep driving on
On and on and on
Everything you think you know
Will get left at the side of the road
And there's just no map to where you're going