A New Pair of Boots! 

It's Sunday evening, the grocery shopping is done, the fridge and cupboards are well stocked with food for the week and my kids' school clothes are neatly folded in their rooms, ready for the daily rush.  Something must be up...I'm never this organized!  

Truth is...it will be "Dad In Charge" for the next ten days, while Mom heads off to Nashville, TN to record five new songs!  I will also be attending the Americana Music Festival (I can barely fathom the amazing artists and bands I get to see and hear) and singing at three locations during the week!  As Facebook recently reminded me, it was exactly September 19th of last year that I flew to Nashville for the first time.  I remember thinking I was crazy...to leave my family for a week...to fly off to a distant place...to record an entire album with a producer whom I really liked, but in truth, knew only a little about...to be bold enough to take a chance on a pipe dream.  I was literally...shaking in my boots!

Now, a year later, there's a different person in those boots!  Turns out...my children are learning a great deal from a mother that dares to dream and Dad can handle "Mom" duties just fine...my producer ended up being incredibly gifted and a joy to work with, as well as a dear friend...that album of mine is pretty darn good...and that wild pipe dream ended up being a perfectly legitimate next step in my life.  

So now, armed with five new songs, a year of  performing weekly and LOVING it,  knowledge gained from fellow artists and communities like Folk Alliance International and Women of Substance Music (thank you Bree Noble and everyone in Femusician Academy for your support!), I have bought myself a brand new pair of boots and I'm off to Nashville again for recording project 2.0!  I will be performing on Thursday, September  22nd at Richard's Cafe, Saturday the 24th at Antique Archeology Pickin'Corner during the Americana Music Festival, and Wednesday the 28th at Millennium Maxwell House!  Get all the details here:  Heather's Shows   

I plan on doing some Facebook Live during my stay....so please connect with me on Facebook:  Heather Platts Facebook  I have never tried it before, but it looks like fun!  Would you like live footage of my shows?  A tour of the recording studio?  Both?  Let me know!  Connect and stay tuned for updates and news from Music City!

Finally, I just want to say that I have some dear friends experiencing some very difficult times.  My excitement over my trip is tempered by the knowledge that life can change in an instant.  I will carry that truth with me as I "take off" tomorrow, and will cherish every moment that the universe gives me.  

Thank you for tagging along and supporting this  "not your mother's pipe dream!"  Feeling incredibly blessed!  If you feel so inclined, share this blog with your friends.  

Love to you all,



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