I am writing this on my laptop in the backyard, amazed at the colors still changing around me as the leaves finally surrender to the surprisingly warm November wind.  Idaho has been blessed with a long and lingering fall season this year.  For myself, autumn is the time of year to acknowledge the past, look to the future, and savor the present.  So in the spirit of the season, I would like to, first, thank you for discovering my music.  Second, thank you for following my story, and third,  for continuing to support and encourage me along the way.  If you are one of the many people who have listened, and in return, shared your own story directly with me, I cannot thank you enough.  You have propelled me forward and made my life richer!  

In the spirit of looking to the future, I wanted to update you on my forthcoming EP, "Runnin it Red".  My producer and I are in the process of listening, mixing, listening, and mixing again.  It is exciting, rewarding, and a bit overwhelming!  I'm finding that I am suddenly very opinionated about every little detail of the record.  I suppose it is the natural progression of things.  I am lucky to have a producer who is patient, and receptive to my input.  So, assuming he doesn't strangle me at some point during the process, and that I'm finally satisfied that it is the best it can be, I am planning on finishing up the five song EP in early 2017.  I will be sharing some early samples with newsletter subscribers in December, so be sure to sign up here at  Heather Platts Music for exclusive offerings.  I have some fun things planned for the EP's official release party on May 12th at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts as well!  Along with some tour dates to Washington and North Idaho this summer!  I will be sharing more details as they unfold.

I am currently enjoying some down time with family for the remainder of November, but will be performing regularly again next month, starting with The Brickhouse on Saturday, December 3rd.  You can find my complete calendar here: Heather's Shows

I hope you are surrounded by loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy the colors of the season!  I appreciate each and every one of you!  

Much love,


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