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Valentines Day 

Had a blast last week performing with Bruce Michael Miller for the Twin Falls Rotary Club's annual Death by Chocolate event!  Over 1000 people wandered through the event center at Canyon Crest to support a great cause, taste the best chocolate in town, and catch Crazy Love on stage.  

If you missed us there, we will be at the Brickhouse next Thursday for a special Valentine's Day show.  Come by from 6-9 pm for dinner specials and free live music.  We have a handful of new covers of classic love songs to share, and of course, some original songs to make your evening extra special.  Reservations recomended!

I will be back at the Brickhouse for a solo show on February 23rd, which happens to be my birthday!  Come celebrate with me! :)

On March 1, Crazy Love will be in Ketchum at the Limelight Hotel!  Always a fun place for live music!  The mountains are beautiful this time of year, so this is the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway.  

Excited to be working on a new EP this spring with Bruce and Crazy Love!  I can't wait to share it with you in the near future.

Hope you stay warm this winter season, and I do hope to see you at one of my shows down the road!  Blessings!

LOVE what I do! 

I am feeling very blessed in my life right now.  After a year of incredible personal transitions, I am coming full circle, back to the sweet and juicy part of life...passion, love, family, and music. 

I am teaching music now and sharing my joy with a new generation of creative minds.  Please drop by Wakefield Music Academy in Twin Falls and support this wonderful addition to Twin Falls!  Free music classes will be offered for all age groups on July 14th, so please call to schedule yours today!  

My performing adventures have taken me to new places, as well...from Boise, ID to the little town of Saratoga, WY.  I am looking forward to some great shows to fill out the summer months, so please have a look at my calendar and catch one or two!   Heather's Shows   I can't tell you what it means to look out and see familiar faces as my events.  Your support means the world!

Hope your summer is warm and wonderful and full of little surprises.  See you down the road!

Fun at Thousand Springs Festival! 

It was a gorgeous, fall day and the setting was spectacular on Ritter Island near Hagerman, Idaho for the 25th Annual Thousand Springs Art Festival!  I had the joy of sharing my songs from the main stage and even a chance to play my song, Speed Bump, alongside Carter Wilson,  the music coordinator for the event and an exceptional guitarist and musician in his own right. Sometimes I'm just amazed at how much fun making music can be.  I'm already looking forward to next year...

I will be singing this Friday at Duck Ugly's Burger and Brew in Burley, Idaho.  I  LOVE this place!  If you haven't been here, you are missing out!  Such a great atmosphere and sense of community. They really support their visiting musicians and sure make us feel loved!  So let's love them back!  Find out more right here: Duck Ugly's  

After that, I'm headed to the Folk Alliance West Region Music Conference in Bellevue, Washington for the first weekend in October.  Panels and networking by day, music showcases by night.  And I mean all night...till 2 in the morning!  Good thing I'm a night owl.  Hoping my voice decides to stay up along with me :) 

If you have already supported me through purchasing my CD's or downloading my music, I humbly thank you!  These adventures in music, while priceless in experience, are nevertheless a real investment.  You can get an autographed copy of the new EP, Runnin' It Red, by ordering directly from my page: Runnin' It Red Special Offer .  I will give you a personalized message and thank you gift!  You can also download my music on Amazon Music Heather Platts  Apple Music Heather Platts  CD Baby Heather Platts and you can follow me at Heather Platts Spotify Artist.  

Connecting and sharing is what songs are all about, and there is absolutely no better way to do that than House Concerts!  What could be better than an afternoon or evening with friends, food, conversation, and a private, intimate concert in your very own living room or backyard?  If you are interested, or would like more info on House Concerts, please respond to this email or contact me on my booking page: Contact Heather.  You won't regret it!

Wishing you many blessings and hoping to see you down the road!




So Easy In A Song 

IT'S SO EASY IN A stand up and share my deepest stories and intimate thoughts.  So I find it a bit ironic that taking the time to connect in written word is such a challenge for me.  But here goes....  

I LOVE that I am able to perform my music on a weekly basis!  It is such a joy meeting old friends and making new connections.  I seem to discover new venues and places to play as I go.  I had a great time singing at Lava Hot Springs Folk Festival last weekend!  A lovely spot and the perfect day for music under a clear, blue sky!  It was a mother/daughter road trip, and the two of us had a great time wandering through shops, soaking in the hot pool, and listening to amazing music!  Here is the picture my daughter snapped during my show.  (Not bad considering she was simultaneously playing Pokemon on her Nintendo DS during the entire performance!)

I am busy writing a new song with my dear, talented friend, Brianne Lynn.  We have been inspired by the wonderful, small-town community that we live in, and the people we have met through our performances around town.  She and I come from very different political viewpoints, but we are such kindred spirits in so many ways!  We wanted to write a song about finding a center, a common point, a place where humanity is shared, despite the intensity of differing opinions.  I think we are on to something pretty good!  We are finishing it up to debut at my CD Release Concert on May 12th!  Come to the show and hear us tell the story from the stage!

Speaking of which, my new CDs have arrived at my doorstep! I love how they have turned out.  I hope you feel the same. I will be selling signed copies at the Twin Falls Center For the Arts Auditorium (next to elevation 486) after my show!  The concert will raise money for our local shelter, Voices Against Violence Twin Falls.  Representatives will be on hand to talk about their organization, and $3 of every CD sold will go to the cause.  Suggested donation at the door is $5.  "Runnin It Red' will be available everywhere on June 1st.  I will keep you posted...

I will also be involved in a very fun concert through the Magic Valley Arts Council called 'The Meaning Behind the Music' on May 19th.  I will share the stage with local artists, Joshua Summers and Jordan Thornquest, in a songwriting round in which we share intimate stories about our songs, our songwriting, and our experiences as an artist.  I am so honored to  be included in this show, and so thrilled to have the support of the Magic Valley Arts Council!  Information will be available soon here:  Magic Valley Arts Council

Along with these events, I am still out and about performing around town every week.  I'd love to see you! Heather's shows 

If you have made it this far in my blog, I humbly thank you!  I know you are busy with your own dreams, ambitions, and loved ones!  I love and appreciate you all! 



Still Here 

It took a family vacation to slow me down enough to realize that I haven't written in a being miles away from home seems the perfect time to say, "Yes!  I'm still here!" I am in Oro Valley, Arizona, actually, visiting my brother and his partner's amazing house in the hills.  I am relishing the sunshine, the desert flowers in bloom, the cool, spring breeze - and the wild, happy sound of my children in the swimming pool!  It is amazing what a swimming pool can do for the peace and sanctity of the parent!  :)

So, as I take a deep breath from a busy winter, I want to give you a quick update...

Runnin' It Red is in the final mastering stage right now.  I am thrilled with how it sounds and getting anxious to share it.  My CD layout is being finished up, and next week I will be sending everything in to Diskmakers for production!  There is something particularly magical about being "on the verge" of sharing something new with the world.  I'm trying to savor that right now.

I have a number of shows coming up and I would love to see you!  Saturday, April 1st I'm at The Brickhouse from 6-9.  Friday, April 7th, I'm at HandsOn Studio from 7-9 and then Saturday, April 8th, I'll be singing at Canyon Crest from 6-9 PM.  I've got some new songs to share and some brand new covers, so be sure to catch one (or two) of these shows.

And don't forget to save the date of Friday, May 12th!  My CD release concert will be at The Twin Falls Center for the Arts Auditorium at 7:30.  I will be teaming up with Voices Against Violence Magic Valley to raise money and awareness for an important local organization.  I will be donating $3 of every CD sale to the cause, and there will be representatives from Voices Against Violence on hand to provide information and accept donations as well.  Please come!  It will be a wonderful evening.

Wow, that's a lot coming up!  I guess I better enjoy the last few days of vacation.  Here is a peek at the cover for Runnin' It Red.  I hope you like it!  

Runnin' It Red, the new EP from Heather Platts, coming soon.

Sending Big Love,


Happy Anniversary! 

You know those Facebook memories that show up on your Facebook page every once in a while?  Sometimes they make you smile, sometimes they make you it just took me by surprise!  A year ago today I posted that "Lighted Windows" was available on digital platforms for the very first time!  Wow.  I remember searching for my name on iTunes, and there it was!  Album: Lighted Windows.  Artist: Heather Platts.  Seems like a long time ago; here I am, a year later, and this "not your typical mini van mom" is getting ready to release her second recording project, performing live on a regular basis, and merging a busy music career into the amazing and wonderfully hectic routine of raising two fabulous kids!  I suppose I should stop to take a breath!  But I'd rather keep doing what I love and just learn to breath deeply as I go! :)

You can download the title track  "Lighted Windows",  for free, by joining my mailing list!  It's super easy and I promise not to flood your inbox with news and updates.  I know how busy you all are.  I'm just so thankful that you stop by once in a while,  and show your support for this little dream of mine that has bloomed a little late in life.  Really and truly,  thank you.

One last thing for now...I always get this question from music venues and industry people who have not yet heard my music...."What artists do you sound like?"  This one is hard for me.  Like seeing the forest from the trees.  So I'm asking you.  What would you say my music sounds like?  Which artists do I remind you of?  I'm getting ready to head to Kansas City for the Folk Alliance International Music Conference, and I just know I'm going to get this question many times...So what do you say?  Is there an artist that I remind you of?  A style of music that you think of when you listen to my songs?  It would mean so much to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!!!

My next blog will be all about my new single, "Speed Bump", from my forthcoming EP "Runnin It Red", and how I want you to be a part of it!  Stay tuned and thank you so very much for being here!  




I am writing this on my laptop in the backyard, amazed at the colors still changing around me as the leaves finally surrender to the surprisingly warm November wind.  Idaho has been blessed with a long and lingering fall season this year.  For myself, autumn is the time of year to acknowledge the past, look to the future, and savor the present.  So in the spirit of the season, I would like to, first, thank you for discovering my music.  Second, thank you for following my story, and third,  for continuing to support and encourage me along the way.  If you are one of the many people who have listened, and in return, shared your own story directly with me, I cannot thank you enough.  You have propelled me forward and made my life richer!  

In the spirit of looking to the future, I wanted to update you on my forthcoming EP, "Runnin it Red".  My producer and I are in the process of listening, mixing, listening, and mixing again.  It is exciting, rewarding, and a bit overwhelming!  I'm finding that I am suddenly very opinionated about every little detail of the record.  I suppose it is the natural progression of things.  I am lucky to have a producer who is patient, and receptive to my input.  So, assuming he doesn't strangle me at some point during the process, and that I'm finally satisfied that it is the best it can be, I am planning on finishing up the five song EP in early 2017.  I will be sharing some early samples with newsletter subscribers in December, so be sure to sign up here at  Heather Platts Music for exclusive offerings.  I have some fun things planned for the EP's official release party on May 12th at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts as well!  Along with some tour dates to Washington and North Idaho this summer!  I will be sharing more details as they unfold.

I am currently enjoying some down time with family for the remainder of November, but will be performing regularly again next month, starting with The Brickhouse on Saturday, December 3rd.  You can find my complete calendar here: Heather's Shows

I hope you are surrounded by loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy the colors of the season!  I appreciate each and every one of you!  

Much love,


From Nashville to Bellevue (and Idaho in between) 


Nashville 2.0 was a success!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves!  Had a great time, made new friends and made new connections, sang my heart out, recorded 5 new songs for my upcoming EP, which I have decided to call "Runnin' It Red", and flew home to reconnect with my family for a couple of weeks!  Tomorrow I'm driving to Bellevue, Washington to participate in the FAR-West Music Conference (Folk Alliance West Coast Region) through next weekend!  I will be attending classes all day and performing in private showcases all night, ranging in times from 5:00 in the evening to 1:30 in the morning!!!  I am very excited to be able to participate in this conference and so thankful that my family continues to support my musical adventures!  I am a lucky, lucky lady!  More from FAR-West Conference to come...Love to you all!  


A New Pair of Boots!  

It's Sunday evening, the grocery shopping is done, the fridge and cupboards are well stocked with food for the week and my kids' school clothes are neatly folded in their rooms, ready for the daily rush.  Something must be up...I'm never this organized!  

Truth will be "Dad In Charge" for the next ten days, while Mom heads off to Nashville, TN to record five new songs!  I will also be attending the Americana Music Festival (I can barely fathom the amazing artists and bands I get to see and hear) and singing at three locations during the week!  As Facebook recently reminded me, it was exactly September 19th of last year that I flew to Nashville for the first time.  I remember thinking I was leave my family for a fly off to a distant record an entire album with a producer whom I really liked, but in truth, knew only a little be bold enough to take a chance on a pipe dream.  I was literally...shaking in my boots!

Now, a year later, there's a different person in those boots!  Turns children are learning a great deal from a mother that dares to dream and Dad can handle "Mom" duties just producer ended up being incredibly gifted and a joy to work with, as well as a dear friend...that album of mine is pretty darn good...and that wild pipe dream ended up being a perfectly legitimate next step in my life.  

So now, armed with five new songs, a year of  performing weekly and LOVING it,  knowledge gained from fellow artists and communities like Folk Alliance International and Women of Substance Music (thank you Bree Noble and everyone in Femusician Academy for your support!), I have bought myself a brand new pair of boots and I'm off to Nashville again for recording project 2.0!  I will be performing on Thursday, September  22nd at Richard's Cafe, Saturday the 24th at Antique Archeology Pickin'Corner during the Americana Music Festival, and Wednesday the 28th at Millennium Maxwell House!  Get all the details here:  Heather's Shows   

I plan on doing some Facebook Live during my please connect with me on Facebook:  Heather Platts Facebook  I have never tried it before, but it looks like fun!  Would you like live footage of my shows?  A tour of the recording studio?  Both?  Let me know!  Connect and stay tuned for updates and news from Music City!

Finally, I just want to say that I have some dear friends experiencing some very difficult times.  My excitement over my trip is tempered by the knowledge that life can change in an instant.  I will carry that truth with me as I "take off" tomorrow, and will cherish every moment that the universe gives me.  

Thank you for tagging along and supporting this  "not your mother's pipe dream!"  Feeling incredibly blessed!  If you feel so inclined, share this blog with your friends.  

Love to you all,




August has such a strange feel for, lazy days mixed with the excitement/stress of back to school shopping!  Like most of you, I have been crazy busy!  But it's been crazy fun!  Performing once, twice, sometimes three times a week has been a great way to meet new friends and make new opportunities!  I have a number of shows coming up.....I hope you will drop by, have a listen and say hello as the summer winds down.  Heather's upcoming shows...

I have been finalizing my EP songs and sending tracks on to my producer in Nashville and the initial tracking is already underway!  So thrilled that the amazingly talented Byron House (bassist for Robert Plant) will once again be on my record!  Many other talented artists will also be involved, and I can't wait to hear it come together.  It feels so great to work with a producer (Bruce Michael Miller) who understands my songs and my vision as an artist.  It's always about the song....the way it should be!

In addition to recording when I travel to Nashville in September, I will also be attending the Americana Music Conference.  This will be a great chance to network, learn about the music business from incredibly knowledgeable people, and make many new friends!  I have said many times that singer/songwriters are the most kind, interesting, and friendly people in the world!  I might be a bit biased.....but you forgive me!  In fairness, I should include the many great fans of singer/songwriters as well.'s all about the song.

Another very exciting part of my Nashville experience will be performing at THREE different venues while I am there.  I am thrilled to be performing at the renowned Ri'Chard's Lousiana Cafe on September 22!  This is a well known Cajun restaurant and music spot, where only original music is allowed!  My kind of place!  I will be sharing the stage with my dear friend, producer, and fellow performing songwriter, Bruce Michael Miller.  The following Saturday, September 24th, I feel very honored to have landed a slot in the Pickin' Corner showcase at Antique Archeology in downtown Nashville.  This is a cool music venue as well, and I will get to sing for about 45 minutes and showcase my best songs!  I'd love to hear from you about which songs you think I should absolutely include in my set!  It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts!  The next few days of my trip I will be recording like mad and getting vocal tracks set for my five song EP.  Then, on Wednesday September 28th, to close out what I hope to be an amazing trip, I'll do a songwriters round at the Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville, where I performed last year while recording my first album.  Wow.  Seems like a lot to squeeze in to 10 days.  But the amazing thing about doing something from your heart is how young and energetic you feel while doing it!  Getting younger every day...

I will keep a running blog of my trip, if you are interested in tagging along!  I hope you do.  I really, truly appreciate the support and encouragement that I receive from you!  It means the world!  Enjoy the rest of the summer, don't stress out about back to school, and go find yourself some shade in these last, hot days of summer!  I'm certainly going to try!  Don't forget to check out my performance schedule for the next few weeks.....I would love to see you!  Heather's upcoming shows...

Much Love,


Show dates, music news, and random deep thoughts...