August has such a strange feel for summer....hot, lazy days mixed with the excitement/stress of back to school shopping!  Like most of you, I have been crazy busy!  But it's been crazy fun!  Performing once, twice, sometimes three times a week has been a great way to meet new friends and make new opportunities!  I have a number of shows coming up.....I hope you will drop by, have a listen and say hello as the summer winds down.  Heather's upcoming shows...

I have been finalizing my EP songs and sending tracks on to my producer in Nashville and the initial tracking is already underway!  So thrilled that the amazingly talented Byron House (bassist for Robert Plant) will once again be on my record!  Many other talented artists will also be involved, and I can't wait to hear it come together.  It feels so great to work with a producer (Bruce Michael Miller) who understands my songs and my vision as an artist.  It's always about the song....the way it should be!

In addition to recording when I travel to Nashville in September, I will also be attending the Americana Music Conference.  This will be a great chance to network, learn about the music business from incredibly knowledgeable people, and make many new friends!  I have said many times that singer/songwriters are the most kind, interesting, and friendly people in the world!  I might be a bit biased.....but you forgive me!  In fairness, I should include the many great fans of singer/songwriters as well.  Again....it's all about the song.

Another very exciting part of my Nashville experience will be performing at THREE different venues while I am there.  I am thrilled to be performing at the renowned Ri'Chard's Lousiana Cafe on September 22!  This is a well known Cajun restaurant and music spot, where only original music is allowed!  My kind of place!  I will be sharing the stage with my dear friend, producer, and fellow performing songwriter, Bruce Michael Miller.  The following Saturday, September 24th, I feel very honored to have landed a slot in the Pickin' Corner showcase at Antique Archeology in downtown Nashville.  This is a cool music venue as well, and I will get to sing for about 45 minutes and showcase my best songs!  I'd love to hear from you about which songs you think I should absolutely include in my set!  It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts!  The next few days of my trip I will be recording like mad and getting vocal tracks set for my five song EP.  Then, on Wednesday September 28th, to close out what I hope to be an amazing trip, I'll do a songwriters round at the Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville, where I performed last year while recording my first album.  Wow.  Seems like a lot to squeeze in to 10 days.  But the amazing thing about doing something from your heart is how young and energetic you feel while doing it!  Getting younger every day...

I will keep a running blog of my trip, if you are interested in tagging along!  I hope you do.  I really, truly appreciate the support and encouragement that I receive from you!  It means the world!  Enjoy the rest of the summer, don't stress out about back to school, and go find yourself some shade in these last, hot days of summer!  I'm certainly going to try!  Don't forget to check out my performance schedule for the next few weeks.....I would love to see you!  Heather's upcoming shows...

Much Love,


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