One Fabulous Friday!

Friday was a great day!  Woke up to discover that  'Lighted Windows' received it's first official music review by  Let me know what you think!  I would love to read your comments!  Find the review here: 

Music Review of 'Lighted Windows' by

Not 10 minutes later I found out that THREE of my songs, LIGHTED WINDOWS, SET IN STONE, and BIG SKY were in the TOP 20 songs on WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE RADIO for the month of June.  BIG SKY actually made it to number 5!  I love being a part of this amazing community of talented female artists, founded by Bree Noble.  There are so many amazing artists out there to be discovered.  Download the free app and have a listen at any time!  My songs will be in heavy rotation all month long....give me a "thumbs up" during play if you are able!  And thank you!  Here is a link to the TOP 20 SONGS of June:

 Women of Substance Radio TOP 20 SONGS   Enjoy and share it with your friends!  Your support of Indie Music means so much!

A few hours later I was loading my Mini-Van with kids, luggage and music gear, and heading to Boise, Idaho for a performance at District Coffeehouse.  Had a great time there and actually was able to catch up with an old high school friend who was passing through on the way to Seattle.  It was so great visiting and realizing that when it comes to a true friend, years apart and miles in between mean nothing!  Here is a picture of my performance.  If you have never been here, please go.  It is a wonderful old building downtown, with great space, great sound, and of course, great coffee!!!

It truly was a great day and a great night.  Sometimes we just have those days where the stars feel perfectly aligned!  Friday was one of those days!  I wanted to share it with you....Hope you are having one of those days today!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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