Big Week! 

Hello friends!  I hope you are having more luck than me keeping your kids busy this summer!  This is the first summer that Mom is as busy as Dad, and they are not quite sure what to make of it.  That being said, they are looking forward to our trip to north Idaho at the end of June, and I can't wait to show them our college town, The University of Idaho in Moscow, with it's rolling hills and gorgeous campus, and the beautiful lake Couer d'Alene further north.  I can't wait to perform in downtown Moscow at One World Cafe on June 30th!  I hope to see some familiar faces from my college days!  Good times!

This week I have been rehearsing hard for an exciting week of shows.  I will perform at Ketchum Burrito on Fillmore St. in Twin Falls on June 21st.  I will perform the following night, Wednesday, June 22, at The Anchor Bistro and Bar on Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls.  Then it's on to Boise to sing onstage at the Boise Music Festival on Saturday, June 25!  I will be on the Singer/Songwriter stage at 6:35 PM, for a 45 minute set.  Very honored to have been chosen for this event.  Find out more at  

I have also been writing and rewriting songs for my upcoming EP.  I am very excited about this set of songs, and have been doing some co-writing for the first time with my producer, Bruce Michael Miller.  It is hard work!  But so much fun.  Bruce is so great for my music.  He makes me keep plugging away until it's as good as it can be.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful partner in music!  I am performing these new songs in my set, so get a live preview at one of my shows!  I would love to hear what you think.  I will head back to Nashville, Tennessee in September to start recording.  Can't wait!

Hope to see you next week at one of my events!  So wonderful to see my local friends and share my stories with you!  Your support means the world to me!  Don't forget to claim your free download at

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